Your Coastal Grandmother Summer

Is This Your Coastal Grandmother Summer?

  • Don’t have adult children?
  • Don’t live on the beach?
  • Aren’t  over age 65?

You, my dear, can still embrace your inner Coastal Grandmother style. Think of it as more of an attitude than a set of style rules. Your confidence is key!

All you need is the desire to wear comfy clothes, the ability to let your stress level drop down just a notch, and the want to embrace a little bit of self-indulgence. (Plus, understand that you’ve earned the right to wear the comfy pants and look damn good in them!)

Where’s the personal style part? 

The aesthetic trend is actually an anti-trend, anti-fast fashion ideal, with an embrace of casual, comfortable, and classic soft muted colors, relaxed accents, and a touch of whimsy.

Think Oprah in her California mood, or Diane Keaton in the movie Something’s Gotta Give

So how do you recreate this style for yourself? You just need a few key pieces. Before you begin to shop for this vibe, take this list and compare it to your current wardrobe. I’ll bet you’ve got a jumpstart on the entire process!

Your Capsule List

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1 pair of linen, gauze, or chino, wide legged pants in white, ivory, soft french blue, pale melon, or faded pistachio green. *Extra points if it’s an elastic or drawstring waist.

1 pair of shorts. (See above)

1 light colored button down shirt in linen or broadcloth. Preferably well-worn and slightly wrinkled.

1 fabulously soft skirt that flows when you walk and basically makes you look like you just came from the quaint farmer’s market, but you would never touch dirt. 

2 cotton or linen tees or tanks in some color that reminds you of rainbow sherbet. *V-neck or scoop neckline preferred.

1 pair of flip-flops in a soft sand or brown color.

1 pair of canvas white sneakers

1 lightweight but snuggly wrap. Could be a cardigan or a shawl. Beige in color. *Bonus points for cashmere.


1-faded bucket hat

1- great straw purse or tote

1 pair Ray-ban Aviator sunglasses.

1 simple chain with a pearl accent

1 pair tortoiseshell readers or glasses

1 pair simple hoop earrings in gold or silver

1 set Lightweight stacked bracelets in a metal that feels traditional and chic. A hand-hammered stacking bracelet in a bright silver or gold is ideal.

Now, you’re all ready to sip a cold drink and listen to the ocean waves. (Or the sound of a beautiful Indiana morning. No sand required.)

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